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Strategy Advisory and Policy Development

Our advisory services are designed to help our clients with one thing, their strategy. Whether it is product strategy, market strategy, messaging and positioning strategy, or even just vision casting, we embed…


Together with our international partners we work with you to support the creative and strategic growth of your organisation, city, region or country. With a client portfolio ranging from international cultural agencies and Ministries of Culture to small arts organisations and individual artists, we provide bespoke consultancy services that help shape your vision into deliverable actions for the cultural and creative sectors.


We advise governments and local authorities in preparing policies and strategies for culture, heritage, creative industries, education, youth, tourism and sports. We set up seminars, workshops and trainings and help to organise international conferences.


In addition we also prepare strategies and development plans cultural institutions, foundations, non-governmental organisations and businesses. We help to implement the routines for updating action plans on regular basis. We also help organisations in their structural changes and implementation of reforms.

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